Brand Messaging

In navigating an increasingly globalized world, having a strong and healthy sense of identity can be a tricky thing. This is especially true for the groups of people still in the swing of emerging from oppressive times - times that disrupted cultures and rewrote history to conform to a false narrative at the expense of truth.

Despite the challenge, We as Group must have an identity - a healthy sense of self. And to this end, We need to strengthen Ourselves mentally and emotionally with daily reminders of who We are and what We've done.

More importantly, We need to remind ourselves so that We can teach our children and empower them - teach and inspire them! They cannot sway or falter under the mangled cloud of confusion, falsehoods and diminutive messaging because We will imbue them with far more truths and positivity - far reaching perspectives and possibilities that transcend the negative and magnify the positive. 

We will teach our children who We are and what We've done. Armed with truth and a deep intuition, We will celebrate and discuss, unpack and rebuild Our identity until We have sunken into their hearts and minds the beauty, capacity and fire that is Us! And they know, from deep within, that they are Worthy, and they can achieve Anything.

So Ibatana! Get Comfortable. Welcome to the journey towards Us.