Diversity - A Breaker of Mental Chains

Living in diversity comes with its beauties and challenges, but one of the most beautiful things about it is that it gives the freedom to be oneself in every way.

When one sees a plethora of systems for approaching life - different ways for achieving the same life goals, it opens and broadens the mind. One becomes better practised at reviewing situations through several different lenses and approaching issues with the belief that there are varied forms of remedy.

The most beautiful thing about diversity is that one feels liberated in it to be oneself. The need for broad conformity is whittled down in an environment where one daily witnesses fellow human beings doing things in different ways. Difference and differentiation become part of life rather than something to be avoided or feared.

With this release from fear and comfort in difference comes a liberation of the mind and heart. It’s ok if, in certain things, I stray from the beaten path, I see lots of people taking this path and that path all day everyday!

As human beings we crave acceptance from those around us, and the opportunity to socialize freely within our communities. The reason that a lack of diversity in one’s surrounding is a potent restrictor of personal freedom is that it threatens to deprive one of this social acceptance when there is a deviation from the norm.

But diversity challenges the existence of a single exclusive normative - always displaying through example that there is never and has never been a single/ exclusive normative to life and existence. Therefore, in an environment where diversity thrives, so does personal freedom.


Written by Ada Amara

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